Jackpot Hits Circa Las Vegas

At Jackpot Hits Circa Las Vegas, you can win big and feel the excitement of winning big money. The Buffalo Diamond slot machine at the Circa Hotel will feature graphics and sounds to celebrate your win. You can also order delicious breakfast items, sandwiches, and salads. Developed by restaurateur Paul Saginaw, this new concept brings the best of Detroit to Las Vegas. The acclaimed Ann Arbor coffee roaster Steve Mangigian is also on board to offer personalized service for guests.

The lucky winner, Robbie, was playing video poker in the high-roller room when he hit a huge jackpot of $400,000. The poker player, named Robbie, was betting $500 a hand when he hit the jackpot. He had more than $1,800 in the machine when the jackpot hit and he was congratulated by Circa CEO Derek Stevens.

If you are looking to get lucky, it pays to know the odds. In Las Vegas, jackpots hit several times per day. There are hundreds of people playing the slot machines each day. The odds are extremely high, but Las Vegas casinos are wise enough to make things interesting for players. For example, some games offer multiple low-level payouts based on any number of symbol combinations. While a big jackpot is still very unlikely, the smaller payouts make the game more fun to play.

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