Bingo For Charity – How Your Favorite Game Can Make a Difference

Bingo For Charity – How Your Favorite Game Can Make a Difference

Bingo can be an effective and successful fundraising event; however, like any fundraising activity it requires careful planning and preparation in order to ensure its success and run smoothly.

To ensure the success of your event, select an experienced bingo caller. They should keep the game moving while adding flair with their own personal style or flair.

Fundraiser Options

Bingo fundraising events are an effective way to gather people together in support of an important cause. They can be organized by groups such as schools, churches, sports clubs and PTAs as a fundraiser event to raise money for their chosen charity. When planning a Bingo fundraiser event it’s essential that all attendees know about which charity your event is raising funds for as well as how much is expected from this night of bingo fun!

Your event requires selecting an adequate venue large enough to host its expected number of attendees and making sure each player has access to pens or daubers to mark their cards. To promote it, create a social media page dedicated to it with regular updates posted, posters displayed around coffee shops or offices as well as flyers placed publicly around town can all help promote it effectively.

Game Rules

Bingo games can be an excellent way to bring people together for a worthy cause, but any fundraiser involving bingo needs careful planning in order to be successful. To avoid any unwelcome surprises or missteps, be sure to follow these tips for planning successful bingo fundraisers.

Start by finding an appropriate venue for your event, one that is easily accessible and has enough capacity to hold all of your guests. If possible, look for low cost or free locations like community centers or school gymnasiums.

Add a silent auction to your bingo event and increase donations and boost engagement by using Donorbox Events as the host tool – but remember only deduct reasonable costs, like prizes and printing bingo cards from what has been raised from this money raised.

Be sure to get the word out about your event by using social media, email campaigns, posters and announcements at other events or church services as well as posting it online community calendars.


Raising more money at your bingo night is easy when offering local business vouchers as prizes – they make winning more likely, since people already know and frequent these stores and restaurants! When people receive such vouchers they’re more likely to spend what they have won there than anywhere else.

Local businesses can also help out your event with prizes, refreshments and even financial contributions. Many gift basket companies are eager to donate items such as Longaberger baskets which attract lots of attention at events. Donating these unique baskets to raise funds can also make a statement.

Donorbox campaigns make giving easy for attendees at events by providing QR codes with links to an online giving form, which makes donating fast and straightforward during events – increasing participation rates while simultaneously raising more funds from attendees.


As with any fundraising event, organizing a bingo night requires careful preparation to be successful. Beyond setting your goals and finding an event space that accommodates expected attendees, ensuring enough bingo cards will also be needed for success.

Prizes are an integral component of any bingo event. To purchase them from local businesses or solicit donations from parents and PTA members. When selling prizes for profit, be mindful that these assets must be reported on your tax return.

Money raised from bingo games, including stakes and entry/participation fees, should be considered charitable donations. You may deduct reasonable costs such as printing cards and providing refreshments from this total; however, you cannot profit from bingo by selling goods or services during an event as this would violate Charitable Law Section 105; to avoid this problem you might consider organizing it with another entity such as a local bakery instead.

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