Bingo Lingo – Understanding the Slang and Terminology

Bingo Lingo – Understanding the Slang and Terminology

Bingo lingo adds to the atmosphere and excitement of a game of bingo, from simple rhyming slang to lewd jokes and references from pop culture.

One of the more iconic bingo calls is “Legs Eleven”, as its numerical representation resembles two legs! Another classic bingo call is Two Little Ducks – with its shape resembling that of two ducks swimming together!

Number Slang

Names given to Bingo numbers are one of its most enjoyable aspects, from clever rhymes that have become widely recognized among players to more meaningful references like Ned Kelly (13). Others relate directly to its shape such as two little ducks 22 or legs eleven 11, both being nicknames popular among players.

Humorous and entertaining slang phrases make them popular with both newcomers and veteran players. Some callers, such as Mandy Gorgan, prefer using clear numbers without distracting lingo in order to focus on producing better results while other callers, such as Mandy Gorgan, believe adding some extra fun with playful banter can enhance player experiences and foster more enjoyable environments – it is up to each individual player to decide their ideal approach.

Word Slang

As a regular at a bingo hall, you will likely become acquainted with word slang used by other players. From rhymed terms to references made about past experiences shared among participants – playing bingo can be made more enjoyable when sharing laughter among people with shared sensibilities and senses of humor.

Example: If a number resembles a duck all on its own, this is known as “Duck All The Way.” Likewise, if you’re down to your final numbers and only one away from winning patterns, that would be considered BBL (be Back Later).

Slang adds an exciting edge to Bingo, while also showing its cultural influence and progression over time. Each call serves as a snapshot of society from which it came – an integral component of its timeless charm that’s ideal for welcoming newcomers into the fold! Furthermore, its use can act as an excellent icebreaker.

Number Rhymes

Bingo calls often feature rhymed slang terms with multiple meanings and origins, ranging from everyday language to pop culture references and the shape of certain numbers (for instance Legs 11 draws upon this feature of Legs 11), while others rhyming bingo calls include Clickety-Click which refers to the clicking sound a ball makes as it rolls around a machine, and Cup of Tea which alludes to an iconic British cup of tea.

Rhyming nicknames for the numbers on a board are varied, reflecting creativity and history of the game. Some even allude to famous people; Kelly’s Eye may refer to folk hero Ned Kelly while it could also refer to military slang for letterbox metal helmets worn during gun fights with policemen by Ned’s gang members. Other examples include 88 which stands for two fat ladies or Sunset Strip which alludes to The Music Man musical.


Online bingo is an incredibly social experience and many of its terms can be seen being spoken aloud during conversation. Abbreviations also make the whole process quicker and simpler.

Kisses and Hugs is an appropriate term in a bingo hall environment; it signifies an atmosphere of friendliness. In addition, this gesture shows appreciation when another wins!

Bingo number slang often serves to add humor and rhymes, while some has more profound significance – for instance ‘two fat ladies’ refers to the shape of 22 while Legs Eleven (11) references its similarity with a pair of legs.

Bingo is more than numbers; it’s an intricate blend of captivating jargon that takes play to another level. Uncover its amusing language to take your bingo play to new heights!

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