Live Dealer Roulette – The Online Experience Redefined

Live Dealer Roulette – The Online Experience Redefined

Online casinos in the legal US market have begun offering live dealer roulette games hosted in studios in Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Players can select popular side bets such as red/black or odd/even and place their bets on the table, which will then be displayed live and reflect in their account balances in real time.

Real-time interaction with dealers

Live dealer casino games provide an appealing blend of social interaction and technology, and have made significant strides into the online gambling market. Real people work as dealers who interact directly with players via video streaming; their responsibilities extend far beyond managing decks of cards or coloring the roulette ball yellow; they ensure the game runs smoothly according to established rules.

Players have a certain period of time to place their bets before the dealer spins the wheel and spins it again – if one of its pockets contains an ivory ball that lands within, winnings are added back into your account balance!

Players can place common side bets, including red/black, high/low and odd/even, when betting roulette games. Betting minimums will depend on the type of roulette game played; generally speaking, 50/50 bets typically require higher minimums than longshot bets like numbers. Some games provide features to increase payout size for certain bets such as Immersive Roulette which provides close-up views with 200 frames per second HD slow motion of winning numbers.

Multiple betting options

Live dealer roulette games feature an array of betting options, from the popular red/black and high/low bets to progressive jackpots that can reach seven figures if you hit winning numbers. PC and mobile device users alike can access these live dealer roulette games by opening accounts with casino sites and filling out online signup forms; to start playing, enter your name, date of birth, address phone number email and agreeing to terms and conditions before starting playback.

As with any service, it is vital that the casino you choose be properly licensed and listed all relevant licensing details openly without hiding its developers or software providers from view. In addition, make sure the Internet connection you choose provides secure connections as this will protect against money-losing delays in withdrawal processing times and ensure a swift withdrawal turnaround time – this way avoiding losing out due to delays! Additionally, keep deposits to a minimum amount with exclusive variants offering new gameplay features and graphics!

High payouts

DraftKings’ live dealer roulette offerings should appeal to fans of online casino gaming. Among other high payouts and progressive jackpots that reach seven figures, DraftKings allows users to customize video quality depending on their internet speed.

If a player wins, the croupier will announce it and credit winning bets back into their account; alternatively, some casinos provide an auto roulette feature which works automatically without human intervention.

Live dealer roulette stands out among casino games for its potential for big payouts, yet players should always check the betting limits and house edge of their chosen game before beginning to play. Furthermore, familiarize yourself with your local laws as gambling regulations differ between states; currently regulated live dealer roulette is available only in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut Delaware West Virginia


Live Dealer Roulette provides a more genuine experience for online gamblers than the standard version. A real dealer spins the wheel and ball, with players winning when it lands in one of their numbered slots – popular choice both among high rollers and casual players alike!

Player can select their ideal live dealer roulette game based on personal preferences. Some variants differ in terms of wheel layout, betting limits and RTP rates – European has a lower house edge than American.

Live casino gaming in the US can only be found on sites licensed by state gambling regulators, as of yet only New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Michigan and West Virginia have legalized it; but more states may follow in time.

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