David Luiz & BC.GAME–A New Collaboration To Look Forward To

David Luiz to be BC.GAME’s Official Brand Ambassador

BC.GAME has confirmed that David Luiz, a professional football athlete from Brazil who plays for the Flamengo team, will now represent the company. David Luiz will collaborate with BC.GAME, and as a cryptocurrency casino’s brand ambassador, he will spend time supporting and promoting the online betting platform. David Luiz will interact with its users through live-streaming and social networking sites.

David Luiz contributes to BC.GAME

By working with BC.GAME, David Luiz will further support the crypto casino to get more attention. As a new BC.GAME ambassador and Brazil’s most famous football athlete, he can relate the Brazilian footballing world with the crypto casino system and expand the company’s player base in his beloved country, Brazil.

Luiz will mostly interact with and get to know people in the crypto casino world of the social mainstream press. He will also talk to many players, fans, and sports betting on Twitch, an engaging entertainment, and gaming streaming platform.

The Chance for Growth of BC.GAME

Brazil is seeing a growth in the number of people who play at online casinos, and many of them choose to enjoy crypto casinos because these are easy to get to and provide security. BC.GAME finally introduced sports betting to its list of games. Online sports betting is one of the best-known types of entertainment in Brazil.

The partnership gives BC.GAME is a great chance to break into the Brazilian economy and reach millions as it grows with BC.GAME joining the casino and sporting events betting event in Brazil, famous football fans and supporters who like to bet on sports will get more chances to participate in online sports and crypto casino events. This includes allowing bigger sports betting options for great sports activities like the FIFA 2022 World Cup, which a lot of people are looking forward to.

Who is David Luiz?

David Luiz Marinho, better known as David Luiz, is a Brazilian professional footballer from Diadema. He is a member of a Rio de Janeiro-based Brazilian sports club, the Flamengo Rowing Club. He has received numerous awards and titles. Although David Luiz primarily plays as a center-back, he is also capable of playing as a full-back or defensive midfielder.

More about BC.GAME

The BC.GAME, an online crypto casino platform, is authorized and provides a huge selection of live casinos, sporting events, and casino games. Along with incorporating cryptocurrency and blockchain into its platforms, the crypto casino was among the first to endorse lightning networks, moreover revolutionizing both the blockchain space and the casino industry.

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